Posts: 144279From: Your Friendly Neighborhood Juris Doctorate.Registered: Apr 2009. just as well being an aquarian guy i find uranian(not so much the saturn types) aquarius girls so hot. The Taurus mans preference is a feminine woman who takes care of her appearance and smells good at all times. Tauruses may be drawn by Scorpio intensity this is often a very passionate match. Taurus Marriage, Divorce, and Compatibility. With Marriage: high number = high marriage rate, (sorry I'm too lazy to make it look nice), Aries Female Aries Male 3154Aries Female Pisces Male 2906Aries Female Gemini Male 2895Aries Female Leo Male 2862Aries Female Taurus Male 2828Aries Female Aquarius Male 2813Aries Female Capricorn Male 2636Aries Female Cancer Male 2634Aries Female Virgo Male 2615Aries Female Libra Male 2572Aries Female Sagittarius Male 2510Aries Female Scorpio Male 2405, Taurus Female Aries Male 2925Taurus Female Gemini Male 2844Taurus Female Taurus Male 2843Taurus Female Pisces Male 2765Taurus Female Cancer Male 2626Taurus Female Capricorn Male 2606Taurus Female Leo Male 2602Taurus Female Virgo Male 2601Taurus Female Aquarius Male 2544Taurus Female Libra Male 2467Taurus Female Sagittarius Male 2295Taurus Female Scorpio Male 2288, Gemini Female Gemini Male 2973Gemini Female Aries Male 2952Gemini Female Aquarius Male 2777Gemini Female Pisces Male 2740Gemini Female Taurus Male 2692Gemini Female Cancer Male 2684Gemini Female Leo Male 2626Gemini Female Libra Male 2585Gemini Female Virgo Male 2560Gemini Female Capricorn Male 2549Gemini Female Scorpio Male 2299Gemini Female Sagittarius Male 2275, Cancer Female Aries Male 2738Cancer Female Taurus Male 2698Cancer Female Gemini Male 2694Cancer Female Pisces Male 2670Cancer Female Leo Male 2589Cancer Female Aquarius Male 2565Cancer Female Cancer Male 2554Cancer Female Virgo Male 2481Cancer Female Libra Male 2447Cancer Female Capricorn Male 2412Cancer Female Scorpio Male 2338Cancer Female Sagittarius Male 2204, Leo Female Aries Male 2862Leo Female Gemini Male 2708Leo Female Aquarius Male 2682Leo Female Pisces Male 2597Leo Female Leo Male 2561Leo Female Taurus Male 2553Leo Female Cancer Male 2546Leo Female Libra Male 2489Leo Female Capricorn Male 2441Leo Female Virgo Male 2426Leo Female Scorpio Male 2271Leo Female Sagittarius Male 2227, Virgo Female Aries Male 2737Virgo Female Gemini Male 2620Virgo Female Aquarius Male 2602Virgo Female Taurus Male 2577Virgo Female Virgo Male 2542Virgo Female Cancer Male 2511Virgo Female Leo Male 2511Virgo Female Pisces Male 2502Virgo Female Capricorn Male 2410Virgo Female Libra Male 2339Virgo Female Scorpio Male 2211Virgo Female Sagittarius Male 2134, Libra Female Taurus Male 2585Libra Female Aries Male 2578Libra Female Gemini Male 2576Libra Female Aquarius Male 2409Libra Female Pisces Male 2377Libra Female Leo Male 2355Libra Female Libra Male 2331Libra Female Virgo Male 2324Libra Female Cancer Male 2288Libra Female Capricorn Male 2248Libra Female Scorpio Male 2120Libra Female Sagittarius Male 2024, Scorpio Female Pisces Male 2466Scorpio Female Taurus Male 2445Scorpio Female Gemini Male 2438Scorpio Female Aries Male 2404Scorpio Female Cancer Male 2284Scorpio Female Leo Male 2282Scorpio Female Virgo Male 2267Scorpio Female Capricorn Male 2217Scorpio Female Aquarius Male 2213Scorpio Female Libra Male 2094Scorpio Female Scorpio Male 2065Scorpio Female Sagittarius Male 1931, Sagittarius Female Gemini Male 2343Sagittarius Female Aries Male 2317Sagittarius Female Taurus Male 2271Sagittarius Female Pisces Male 2248Sagittarius Female Aquarius Male 2227Sagittarius Female Cancer Male 2156Sagittarius Female Leo Male 2120Sagittarius Female Virgo Male 2114Sagittarius Female Libra Male 2086Sagittarius Female Capricorn Male 2067Sagittarius Female Sagittarius Male 1994Sagittarius Female Scorpio Male 1924, Capricorn Female Aries Male 2622Capricorn Female Taurus Male 2574Capricorn Female Gemini Male 2544Capricorn Female Aquarius Male 2525Capricorn Female Capricorn Male 2494Capricorn Female Pisces Male 2452Capricorn Female Leo Male 2444Capricorn Female Virgo Male 2353Capricorn Female Cancer Male 2340Capricorn Female Libra Male 2278Capricorn Female Scorpio Male 2179Capricorn Female Sagittarius Male 2023, Aquarius Female Aquarius Male 2812Aquarius Female Aries Male 2788Aquarius Female Pisces Male 2757Aquarius Female Gemini Male 2745Aquarius Female Taurus Male 2654Aquarius Female Cancer Male 2628Aquarius Female Capricorn Male 2533Aquarius Female Leo Male 2464Aquarius Female Virgo Male 2464Aquarius Female Libra Male 2429Aquarius Female Scorpio Male 2313Aquarius Female Sagittarius Male 2261, Pisces Female Aries Male 2932Pisces Female Gemini Male 2798Pisces Female Pisces Male 2738Pisces Female Aquarius Male 2735Pisces Female Taurus Male 2697Pisces Female Cancer Male 2694Pisces Female Leo Male 2666Pisces Female Capricorn Male 2605Pisces Female Virgo Male 2516Pisces Female Scorpio Male 2467Pisces Female Libra Male 2466Pisces Female Sagittarius Male 2188, ------------------------------------------------, Aries Male Aries Female 3154Aries Male Gemini Female 2952Aries Male Pisces Female 2932Aries Male Taurus Female 2925Aries Male Leo Female 2862Aries Male Aquarius Female 2788Aries Male Cancer Female 2738Aries Male Virgo Female 2737Aries Male Capricorn Female 2622Aries Male Libra Female 2578Aries Male Scorpio Female 2404Aries Male Sagittarius Female 2317, Taurus Male Taurus Female 2843Taurus Male Aries Female 2828Taurus Male Cancer Female 2698Taurus Male Pisces Female 2697Taurus Male Gemini Female 2692Taurus Male Aquarius Female 2654Taurus Male Libra Female 2585Taurus Male Virgo Female 2577Taurus Male Capricorn Female 2574Taurus Male Leo Female 2553Taurus Male Scorpio Female 2445Taurus Male Sagittarius Female 2271, Gemini Male Gemini Female 2973Gemini Male Aries Female 2895Gemini Male Taurus Female 2844Gemini Male Pisces Female 2798Gemini Male Aquarius Female 2745Gemini Male Leo Female 2708Gemini Male Cancer Female 2694Gemini Male Virgo Female 2620Gemini Male Libra Female 2576Gemini Male Capricorn Female 2544Gemini Male Scorpio Female 2438Gemini Male Sagittarius Female 2343, Cancer Male Pisces Female 2694Cancer Male Gemini Female 2684Cancer Male Aries Female 2634Cancer Male Aquarius Female 2628Cancer Male Taurus Female 2626Cancer Male Cancer Female 2554Cancer Male Leo Female 2546Cancer Male Virgo Female 2511Cancer Male Capricorn Female 2340Cancer Male Libra Female 2288Cancer Male Scorpio Female 2284Cancer Male Sagittarius Female 2156, Leo Male Aries Female 2862Leo Male Pisces Female 2666Leo Male Gemini Female 2626Leo Male Taurus Female 2602Leo Male Cancer Female 2589Leo Male Leo Female 2561Leo Male Virgo Female 2511Leo Male Aquarius Female 2464Leo Male Capricorn Female 2444Leo Male Libra Female 2355Leo Male Scorpio Female 2282Leo Male Sagittarius Female 2120, Virgo Male Aries Female 2615Virgo Male Taurus Female 2601Virgo Male Gemini Female 2560Virgo Male Virgo Female 2542Virgo Male Pisces Female 2516Virgo Male Cancer Female 2481Virgo Male Aquarius Female 2464Virgo Male Leo Female 2426Virgo Male Capricorn Female 2353Virgo Male Libra Female 2324Virgo Male Scorpio Female 2267Virgo Male Sagittarius Female 2114, Libra Male Gemini Female 2585Libra Male Aries Female 2572Libra Male Leo Female 2489Libra Male Taurus Female 2467Libra Male Pisces Female 2466Libra Male Cancer Female 2447Libra Male Aquarius Female 2429Libra Male Virgo Female 2339Libra Male Libra Female 2331Libra Male Capricorn Female 2278Libra Male Scorpio Female 2094Libra Male Sagittarius Female 2086, Scorpio Male Pisces Female 2467Scorpio Male Aries Female 2405Scorpio Male Cancer Female 2338Scorpio Male Aquarius Female 2313Scorpio Male Gemini Female 2299Scorpio Male Taurus Female 2288Scorpio Male Leo Female 2271Scorpio Male Virgo Female 2211Scorpio Male Capricorn Female 2179Scorpio Male Libra Female 2120Scorpio Male Scorpio Female 2065Scorpio Male Sagittarius Female 1924, Sagittarius Male Aries Female 2510Sagittarius Male Taurus Female 2295Sagittarius Male Gemini Female 2275Sagittarius Male Aquarius Female 2261Sagittarius Male Leo Female 2227Sagittarius Male Cancer Female 2204Sagittarius Male Pisces Female 2188Sagittarius Male Virgo Female 2134Sagittarius Male Libra Female 2024Sagittarius Male Capricorn Female 2023Sagittarius Male Sagittarius Female 1994Sagittarius Male Scorpio Female 1931, Capricorn Male Aries Female 2636Capricorn Male Taurus Female 2606Capricorn Male Pisces Female 2605Capricorn Male Gemini Female 2549Capricorn Male Aquarius Female 2533Capricorn Male Capricorn Female 2494Capricorn Male Leo Female 2441Capricorn Male Cancer Female 2412Capricorn Male Virgo Female 2410Capricorn Male Libra Female 2248Capricorn Male Scorpio Female 2217Capricorn Male Sagittarius Female 2067, Aquarius Male Aries Female 2813Aquarius Male Aquarius Female 2812Aquarius Male Gemini Female 2777Aquarius Male Pisces Female 2735Aquarius Male Leo Female 2682Aquarius Male Virgo Female 2602Aquarius Male Cancer Female 2565Aquarius Male Taurus Female 2544Aquarius Male Capricorn Female 2525Aquarius Male Libra Female 2409Aquarius Male Sagittarius Female 2227Aquarius Male Scorpio Female 2213, Pisces Male Aries Female 2906Pisces Male Taurus Female 2765Pisces Male Aquarius Female 2757Pisces Male Gemini Female 2740Pisces Male Pisces Female 2738Pisces Male Cancer Female 2670Pisces Male Leo Female 2597Pisces Male Virgo Female 2502Pisces Male Scorpio Female 2466Pisces Male Capricorn Female 2452Pisces Male Libra Female 2377Pisces Male Sagittarius Female 2248, Aries Female Gemini Male 902Aries Female Pisces Male 902Aries Female Aries Male 887Aries Female Virgo Male 839Aries Female Taurus Male 833Aries Female Leo Male 827Aries Female Libra Male 819Aries Female Cancer Male 816Aries Female Aquarius Male 806Aries Female Capricorn Male 799Aries Female Scorpio Male 743Aries Female Sagittarius Male 710, Taurus Female Aries Male 866Taurus Female Pisces Male 863Taurus Female Leo Male 836Taurus Female Capricorn Male 834Taurus Female Taurus Male 829Taurus Female Gemini Male 810Taurus Female Virgo Male 780Taurus Female Libra Male 774Taurus Female Cancer Male 772Taurus Female Aquarius Male 771Taurus Female Scorpio Male 731Taurus Female Sagittarius Male 701, Gemini Female Aries Male 924Gemini Female Aquarius Male 913Gemini Female Gemini Male 891Gemini Female Taurus Male 863Gemini Female Pisces Male 835Gemini Female Cancer Male 833Gemini Female Capricorn Male 818Gemini Female Virgo Male 816Gemini Female Leo Male 814Gemini Female Libra Male 772Gemini Female Scorpio Male 748Gemini Female Sagittarius Male 738, Cancer Female Gemini Male 842Cancer Female Pisces Male 820Cancer Female Aries Male 815Cancer Female Aquarius Male 809Cancer Female Leo Male 807Cancer Female Taurus Male 760Cancer Female Virgo Male 754Cancer Female Libra Male 734Cancer Female Cancer Male 728Cancer Female Capricorn Male 720Cancer Female Scorpio Male 678Cancer Female Sagittarius Male 673, Leo Female Aries Male 931Leo Female Gemini Male 837Leo Female Pisces Male 820Leo Female Cancer Male 788Leo Female Leo Male 788Leo Female Aquarius Male 778Leo Female Capricorn Male 766Leo Female Taurus Male 765Leo Female Virgo Male 745Leo Female Libra Male 723Leo Female Sagittarius Male 713Leo Female Scorpio Male 677, Virgo Female Gemini Male 826Virgo Female Taurus Male 805Virgo Female Aries Male 803Virgo Female Aquarius Male 780Virgo Female Virgo Male 773Virgo Female Leo Male 767Virgo Female Pisces Male 761Virgo Female Cancer Male 751Virgo Female Capricorn Male 748Virgo Female Libra Male 723Virgo Female Scorpio Male 656Virgo Female Sagittarius Male 613, Libra Female Taurus Male 808Libra Female Aries Male 802Libra Female Gemini Male 780Libra Female Aquarius Male 767Libra Female Leo Male 764Libra Female Cancer Male 725Libra Female Pisces Male 718Libra Female Virgo Male 682Libra Female Capricorn Male 680Libra Female Libra Male 660Libra Female Scorpio Male 631Libra Female Sagittarius Male 595, Scorpio Female Aries Male 718Scorpio Female Cancer Male 715Scorpio Female Leo Male 711Scorpio Female Taurus Male 707Scorpio Female Gemini Male 701Scorpio Female Aquarius Male 698Scorpio Female Pisces Male 692Scorpio Female Capricorn Male 690Scorpio Female Virgo Male 661Scorpio Female Libra Male 651Scorpio Female Scorpio Male 611Scorpio Female Sagittarius Male 592, Sagittarius Female Gemini Male 705Sagittarius Female Aquarius Male 705Sagittarius Female Aries Male 698Sagittarius Female Pisces Male 690Sagittarius Female Virgo Male 681Sagittarius Female Taurus Male 667Sagittarius Female Leo Male 667Sagittarius Female Capricorn Male 651Sagittarius Female Cancer Male 639Sagittarius Female Sagittarius Male 622Sagittarius Female Libra Male 618Sagittarius Female Scorpio Male 598, Capricorn Female Gemini Male 815Capricorn Female Aries Male 775Capricorn Female Taurus Male 772Capricorn Female Pisces Male 751Capricorn Female Leo Male 730Capricorn Female Aquarius Male 725Capricorn Female Cancer Male 724Capricorn Female Capricorn Male 724Capricorn Female Virgo Male 714Capricorn Female Libra Male 676Capricorn Female Scorpio Male 632Capricorn Female Sagittarius Male 581, Aquarius Female Gemini Male 837Aquarius Female Aquarius Male 829Aquarius Female Aries Male 828Aquarius Female Pisces Male 812Aquarius Female Cancer Male 811Aquarius Female Capricorn Male 791Aquarius Female Taurus Male 784Aquarius Female Virgo Male 745Aquarius Female Libra Male 735Aquarius Female Leo Male 723Aquarius Female Scorpio Male 689Aquarius Female Sagittarius Male 629, Pisces Female Aries Male 907Pisces Female Gemini Male 870Pisces Female Pisces Male 863Pisces Female Leo Male 840Pisces Female Taurus Male 834Pisces Female Cancer Male 810Pisces Female Aquarius Male 807Pisces Female Scorpio Male 780Pisces Female Virgo Male 771Pisces Female Capricorn Male 726Pisces Female Libra Male 719Pisces Female Sagittarius Male 679, ---------------------------------------------------, Aries Male Leo Female 931Aries Male Gemini Female 924Aries Male Pisces Female 907Aries Male Aries Female 887Aries Male Taurus Female 866Aries Male Aquarius Female 828Aries Male Cancer Female 815Aries Male Virgo Female 803Aries Male Libra Female 802Aries Male Capricorn Female 775Aries Male Scorpio Female 718Aries Male Sagittarius Female 698, Taurus Male Gemini Female 863Taurus Male Pisces Female 834Taurus Male Aries Female 833Taurus Male Taurus Female 829Taurus Male Libra Female 808Taurus Male Virgo Female 805Taurus Male Aquarius Female 784Taurus Male Capricorn Female 772Taurus Male Leo Female 765Taurus Male Cancer Female 760Taurus Male Scorpio Female 707Taurus Male Sagittarius Female 667, Gemini Male Aries Female 902Gemini Male Gemini Female 891Gemini Male Pisces Female 870Gemini Male Cancer Female 842Gemini Male Leo Female 837Gemini Male Aquarius Female 837Gemini Male Virgo Female 826Gemini Male Capricorn Female 815Gemini Male Taurus Female 810Gemini Male Libra Female 780Gemini Male Sagittarius Female 705Gemini Male Scorpio Female 701, Cancer Male Gemini Female 833Cancer Male Aries Female 816Cancer Male Aquarius Female 811Cancer Male Pisces Female 810Cancer Male Leo Female 788Cancer Male Taurus Female 772Cancer Male Virgo Female 751Cancer Male Cancer Female 728Cancer Male Libra Female 725Cancer Male Capricorn Female 724Cancer Male Scorpio Female 715Cancer Male Sagittarius Female 639, Leo Male Pisces Female 840Leo Male Taurus Female 836Leo Male Aries Female 827Leo Male Gemini Female 814Leo Male Cancer Female 807Leo Male Leo Female 788Leo Male Virgo Female 767Leo Male Libra Female 764Leo Male Capricorn Female 730Leo Male Aquarius Female 723Leo Male Scorpio Female 711Leo Male Sagittarius Female 667, Virgo Male Aries Female 839Virgo Male Gemini Female 816Virgo Male Taurus Female 780Virgo Male Virgo Female 773Virgo Male Pisces Female 771Virgo Male Cancer Female 754Virgo Male Leo Female 745Virgo Male Aquarius Female 745Virgo Male Capricorn Female 714Virgo Male Libra Female 682Virgo Male Sagittarius Female 681Virgo Male Scorpio Female 661, Libra Male Aries Female 819Libra Male Taurus Female 774Libra Male Gemini Female 772Libra Male Aquarius Female 735Libra Male Cancer Female 734Libra Male Leo Female 723Libra Male Virgo Female 723Libra Male Pisces Female 719Libra Male Capricorn Female 676Libra Male Libra Female 660Libra Male Scorpio Female 651Libra Male Sagittarius Female 618, Scorpio Male Pisces Female 780Scorpio Male Gemini Female 748Scorpio Male Aries Female 743Scorpio Male Taurus Female 731Scorpio Male Aquarius Female 689Scorpio Male Cancer Female 678Scorpio Male Leo Female 677Scorpio Male Virgo Female 656Scorpio Male Capricorn Female 632Scorpio Male Libra Female 631Scorpio Male Scorpio Female 611Scorpio Male Sagittarius Female 598, Sagittarius Male Gemini Female 738Sagittarius Male Leo Female 713Sagittarius Male Aries Female 710Sagittarius Male Taurus Female 701Sagittarius Male Pisces Female 679Sagittarius Male Cancer Female 673Sagittarius Male Aquarius Female 629Sagittarius Male Sagittarius Female 622Sagittarius Male Virgo Female 613Sagittarius Male Libra Female 595Sagittarius Male Scorpio Female 592Sagittarius Male Capricorn Female 581, Capricorn Male Taurus Female 834Capricorn Male Gemini Female 818Capricorn Male Aries Female 799Capricorn Male Aquarius Female 791Capricorn Male Leo Female 766Capricorn Male Virgo Female 748Capricorn Male Pisces Female 726Capricorn Male Capricorn Female 724Capricorn Male Cancer Female 720Capricorn Male Scorpio Female 690Capricorn Male Libra Female 680Capricorn Male Sagittarius Female 651, Aquarius Male Gemini Female 913Aquarius Male Aquarius Female 829Aquarius Male Cancer Female 809Aquarius Male Pisces Female 807Aquarius Male Aries Female 806Aquarius Male Virgo Female 780Aquarius Male Leo Female 778Aquarius Male Taurus Female 771Aquarius Male Libra Female 767Aquarius Male Capricorn Female 725Aquarius Male Sagittarius Female 705Aquarius Male Scorpio Female 698, Pisces Male Aries Female 902Pisces Male Taurus Female 863Pisces Male Pisces Female 863Pisces Male Gemini Female 835Pisces Male Cancer Female 820Pisces Male Leo Female 820Pisces Male Aquarius Female 812Pisces Male Virgo Female 761Pisces Male Capricorn Female 751Pisces Male Libra Female 718Pisces Male Scorpio Female 692Pisces Male Sagittarius Female 690, It's called The Astrology File by Gunter Sachs, ------------------*about race driving*"look where you want to go, not where you're afraid to go". Here are 10 interesting facts about marriage. Before Taurus and Aries decide to tie the knot to hold and behold each other for the rest of their lives, here are some important attributes of Taurus and Aries's marriage compatibility:. The sexual attraction between the two will be immediate and undeniable and may make the two marry much too quickly. Taurus is a fixed earth sign: stable, persistent, practical, and controlling. "These two Earth signs can be quite domestic, and together they can create the perfect home life," she says. If the other person takes, you take. Zodiac signs most likely to divorce and their compatibility astrology is a very curious topic. Pisces 93842. I wouldn't worry about this though - the divorce rate %-wise is: Leo 30.3779446Virgo 30.15541216Capricorn 30.42912005Pisces 30.62153467Gemini 30.50531419Cancer 30.82906722Scorpio 30.10180877Aquarius 30.51765007Aries 30.10051408Libra 30.40922619Sagittarius 30.00604768Taurus 30.62228753, All these guys have a 30% chance of divorce, Posts: 7From: The Asylum, NCRegistered: Apr 2009. This need for everything to look good is obviously not a foundation for a solid, fulfilling, and meaningful relationship. Taurus men also pay attention to looking good and smelling good, which a Libra woman cant really live without in her partner. Scorpio 889211. Based on more than ten million marriages (and hence in excess of twenty million people), it is the largest test of astrology ever undertaken. The best combinations are the partnerships wat Scorpio and Sagittarius, and challenging partnerships are those with Aries, Gemini, and people with the same sign as them, Taurus. Thats just the way of all flesh. Aries, Gemini, and Taurus were the signs that had the most divorce cases . Belief in astrology also varies from one nation to the next, and in places where lots of people believe in astrology, they may choose partners based on sun signs, thereby creating trends that fulfill astrological predictions. Taurus Yearly Horoscope 2022, Taurus 2022, Taurus . Taurus rules the second house of the Zodiac - and that's all about material wealth. Number of divorces: 689,308 (45 reporting States and D.C.) Divorce rate: 2.5 per 1,000 population (45 reporting States and D.C.) Sources: National Marriage and Divorce Rate Trends for 2000-2021 [PDF - 116 KB] (data shown . There are 26,250,000 arranged marriages annually. Alex Martin was born on 9th May 1973, in the United States of America. . Taurus is naturally social while Aquarius values alone time and isn't concerned with the opinions of others, and those two different perspectives can lead to a lot of fighting. Gemini is intrigued by Taurus' quiet but devoted passion and sensuality. 1. She was born on April 26, 1984, in the United States of America. Gemini*. Pisces and Taurus Marriage Compatibility . They love showering their partner with affection and go the extra mile to make sure their partner is happy. I can see that with both of those couples lol, And lowest divorce rate for Aries girl is Sag.. yay I'll marry him now jk.. Aries 307003. That is the differentiation between a relationship that remains at a purely primal and basic level, and a relationship that has attained a higher, almost spiritual level. In all honesty, the road to a happy marriage might be bumpy. They can have very lasting partnerships with Scorpio and Sagittarius. zavetti canada cervati jacket; 90 day fiance justin and evelyn sister in law If some of the researchers used flawed methods, their conclusions would not be valid. Bride and Groom image courtesy of Phaendin, Moreover, Libras usually appreciate Taurean decisiveness, and Tauruses appreciate Libran fairness. Read more about a Taurus and Cancer relationship. Aries divorce Cancer. It gives them social credibility and authority. Our fullest potential is not to define emotions in terms of materialist terms. This post may contain affiliate links. Its a powerful love potion to the sensual Taurus! The following is an overall ranking from most common to least common marriages with Taurus women, though as with Taurus men, most of the differences in marriage rates were small: All About Taurus: An Astrological Guide to Personality, Friendship, Compatibility, Love, Marriage, Career, and More! This, of course, can put emotional distance between them. The book "The Astrology File" by Gunter Sachs contains a collection of marriage statistics from the Swiss "Federal Office of Statistics - Population Development Department" for marriages between 1987-1994 which included the birth dates of both partners. Posts: 1010From: New Brighton, MN, USARegistered: Apr 2009, Thought Id do a little math of my own and started with the marriages for the gals. They usually form lasting connections as they put a lot of value into their relationships. Virgo 28824, 1. Also, typical Libras prefer to compromise rather than demanding to have everything their own way, so they dont usually provoke Taurean stubbornness by being selfish and unreasonable. Make no mistake about it. The best matches for them are Scorpio and Sagittarius, and combinations with Aries and Taurus can be challenging. A lot of people look to the stars to find answers, especially to see if they are compatible with their lovers. Functional cookies help to perform certain functionalities like sharing the content of the website on social media platforms, collect feedbacks, and other third-party features. A Taurus and Libra can make a marriage work if they have patience and good communication. Erratic Aquarius and consistent Taurus are likely to aggravate or unnerve one another unless their ascendants or moon signs are more compatible. If you decide to get married during the Taurus season, you and your spouse will have a grounded marriage. Unlike neighboring signs, Aries and Gemini, Taurus is a sign that likely wants to get married. A Taurus ain't a quitter. The love may be gone, the emotional fulfillment might have been nonexistent, but it doesnt matter. We end up marrying taureses and cancers more often and get low divorce rates with them too. Cancers can be very loyal and attached partners, that is why they do not rank very likely to separate. The Libra woman is also very attentive to her Taurus husband, making him feel loved and needed, too. He comes across as slightly mysterious, making the Libra woman intensely curious and attracted to him. One research model suggested a slight trend toward higher divorce rates among less compatible pairs, but the effect was small enough that the authors dismissed it as negligible. Its important that they accept what makes them different. They tend to consider all sides to a story which is a valuable trait in partnerships. Stubbornness is one of the most stereotypical Taurus qualities, but when it comes to relationships, the stereotype is usually true! Unfortunately, that is not the way to live in a marriage. Unfortunately, its not uncommon for the Taurus to fall into this trap. I'm laid back and get along with everyone. Its the prim and proper kind of good. It is important to remember that love is the strongest force we know, and regardless of anything, if you truly love someone, you can beat the odds! 1. Here, we're diving into Taurus's personality traits and how they apply in love, career, and more. Aquarius is flighty and indecisive. Read more about Taurus and Virgo relationships. Heres how it added up. Why? Her sensuality oozes from everything she says and does. Finding Cancer high on the Taurus mens marriage list makes sense as well because these signs are thought to be very compatible. A marriage, in fact, has its own life. I cannot emphasize that enough. You still have to stay together. Thoughtful people and supporters have an extraordinary feeling of responsibility, despite the fact that they can be very difficult and admirers of material things, viable with Scorpio, Capricorn, Virgo . However, fights can be caused by misunderstanding or simply not understanding each other. Identification of the visitor by a security plugin to prevent attacks on the web. Unfortunately, some signs of the horoscope, like the Taurus, tend to do that. Im not talking about living for ideals like an Aquarius does; Im not talking about weighing ideas in your head like a Libra does. From the very beginning, the Libra woman may not know why shes so strongly attracted to the Taurus man, but it makes sense when you look at their similarities. That's just the reason that there are fewer divorces among Leos. In other words, its a sham marriage, but tell that to the Taurus woman. In this regard, they are similar to Cancerians. Marriage is a decision in your life, and a commitment that you get into when you are ready to start living for yourself and start living for somebody else. Along with fellow water sign Pisces, it does depend on the combination, as partnerships with Aries, Taurus, or Pisces could be challenging, however, partnerships with Sagittarius and Scorpios can be rewarding. Although they're opposites, they tend to have more in common than meets the eye. These include the research of Voas (2001), who concluded that sun signs did not influence marriage rates in the UK, and Scott and Helgertz (2020), who did find some differences in marriage and divorce rates in Sweden, though the findings did not consistently support astrological predictions.